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Cuisine Magazine - Sauv Blanc Tasting Panel #Top10 #BestBuy

CUISINE MAGAZINE - ISSUE 180 | JANUARY 2017:  Acidity is Sauvignon Blanc's rhythm section. It supplies the wine with line and energy, as well as serving as a counterweight to the sweet fruit riffs.  Like a grape's other elements, acids need to ripen. It seems that achieving that riper, soft acidity was something of a challenge in Marlborough in 2016. "We had to wait for it to happen," explained tasting planel judge Helen Morrison. "It was a late vintage - a little scary it was so late - but the rain did hold off and we picked fruit when we wanted, with the acidity we wanted." For those who didn't wait and picked earlier, the results were different. "In a number of wines at this tasting, the acidity was a little spiky and lacking ripeness," noted tasting panel chair Ben Glover. "But overall, we saw some excellent wines emerge, especially from the more experienced producers."

#4 / 5 Stars + Best Buy

Part of the new Sub Region range from Mud House, this wine shines the light on the parternship between Marlborough's Rapaura district and Sauvingon Blanc. It leads with a smoky, struck match note that persists, mingling with grapefruit and lime characters and adding textrual punch.