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International Sauvignon Blanc Day

#SauvBlanc 2016 Mud House

Celebrating Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough is akin to celebrating a national icon.  Sauvignon Blanc accounts for around 86% of total volume of wine exported from New Zealand with total wine exports worth over $1.56 billion annually.  

Here at Mud House, Sauvignon Blanc makes up a large proportion of the wine we produce and remains a favourite with wine lovers both in New Zealand and in the over 25 countries we export our wines to.

We produce two styles of Sauvignon Blanc: The Single Vineyard and Mud House Range.

Our Single Vineyard Woolshed Sauvignon Blanc is a true reflection of the vintage and the vineyard.  Which means no two vintages are the same.  Our winemaking team treat the wine with little intervention.  The grapes are hand picked in the cool of the night, and when they reach the winery they are gently crushed and pressed.  The Woolshed Sauvignon Blanc is built around its palate presence. Ripe crushed ice acidity allows gorgeous structure and length and in turn enables the wine to showcase snow pea, kaffir lime and subtle tropical melon notes on the mid palate. A truly mouth-watering experience. Click here for more.

The Mud House Range Sauvignon Blanc is blended from selected sites around Marlborough to provide a consistent wine every vintage. This is Marlborough in a glass! A deeply aromatic wine with notes of passionfruit, lemongrass and fresh herbs; with just a perfect hint of flintiness. Click here for more.

Whatever style of wine you prefer, we hope you raise a glass of Mud House on May 6 and share our taste for adventure.  Happy #SauvBlanc Day!