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Wine Cartons help to translocate South Island Robins
Kaipupu Point Sounds Wildlife Sanctuary Sponsor

Mud House supported Kaipupu Point Sounds Wildlife Sanctuary this week with the translocation of 24 South Island Robins onto the Sanctuary using recycled wine cartons.  

The event captured the attention of tv viewers nationwide.Mud House Brand Manager Chrissy Powlesland accompanied a cameraman and reporter from TVNZ's Seven Sharp throughout the day; and then they joined more than 100 people on the Sanctuary to share the release and celebrate.

Early in the day a team of volunteers, led by DOC and other experts, used mist nets to capture the birds on Long Island, in the outer Queen Charlotte Sound.  The birds were then transported to the wildlife sanctuary in Mud House wine cartons, which had air hole punctures and a twig fashioned as a perch for the birds.

"The capture team had to climb a steep ridge so the lightweight boxes were perfect for them to carry, ” said a delighted Chrissy, who was privileged enough to carry the first carton onto Kaipupu Point. 

The vision of the Sanctuary is to reintroduce species which would have originally been there. Now that the hard work of maintaining a predator free environment has been done; birds and other native wildlife can start to be reintroduced.

Hundreds of volunteer hours have gone into creating tracks across the peninsula to ensure all areas of the sanctuary can be monitored. Pest monitor volunteers use wax tags, ink tunnels and traps to monitor and catch any predators, and a software programme developed by Auckland University helps to collate the data.

“Mud House's ethos of Share a Taste for Adventure is well aligned with the aspirations of the Sanctuary and the hard work of volunteers.”  

More relocation projects are planned in 2016 - so watch this space!  Mud House has been a sponsor of Kaipupu Point since 2014.