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Netting time in Central Otago
Tom gives us the word on netting

Netting Pinot Noir at Mud House Claim 431 Vineyard

"Veraison started on our Bendigo Vineyard, Claim 431, in the first week of February. This means only one thing for the Vineyard's netting time! 

It’s a race to the finish line between team Claim and the birds.  As these photos show, the nets are almost on all the vines in the vineyard, and they will stay on all the way through to Harvest which looks like it will start just after Easter this year.

Next on the agenda is fruit thinning which involves adjusting fruit volume for balance and light exposure to help every bunch ripen evenly. It’s a big job but it will ensure the quality that we require for our Pinot Noir." Tom Bullen, Vineyard Manager




BELOW: Pinot Noir showing veraison under the netting; and the nets being laid with the help of a tractor - all hands on deck