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Cleighten Cornelius Harvest 17
From the Regions
New Zealand

Follow our team as we traverse Harvest 2017 in New Zealand. Entry 28.04.2017 "Done, dusted and off duck shooting ..." Well, as far as the fruit picking goes it’s a wrap… still plenty to go on the...
Mud House takes out two gold at Royal Easter Show with new Sub Region Series
From the Regions

The annual Royal Easter Show Wine Awards is the country's oldest wine competition, celebrating its 64th Anniversary in 2017. It is also still one of the most prestigious, awarding the highest level...
Mud House Sub Region Series Sauvignon Blanc Cuisine January
From the Regions

CUISINE MAGAZINE - ISSUE 180 | JANUARY 2017:  Acidity is Sauvignon Blanc's rhythm section. It supplies the wine with line and energy, as well as serving as a counterweight to the sweet fruit riffs.  ...
Mud House Claim 431 Vineyard Frosty in Winter
From the Regions

It’s pruning time again! Once the first frosts have hit and the vines become dormant, they are pruned to maintain the shape of the plant, provide an open and balanced canopy, and to manipulate yield...
From the Regions
Pics from Claim 431

Harvest time in Central Otago      
Mud House Woolshed Vineyard Bud Burst
From the Regions
When magic starts to happen..

Grape vines are decidious; losing their leaves in autumn and remaining dormant until Spring arrives.  Then magic happens and the new cycle begins where all roads lead to harvest.  As the weather...
From the Regions
Bendigo's team photos

Our vineyard crew battle all sorts of weather extremes in Central Otago.  But wow, what a backdrop to be working in!  Here's a few photos taken this winter.
From the Regions
Marlborough: Business House Sailing

The Mud House team sailed their way through last summer taking part in the Waikawa Boat Club Business House Series.  Their skipper, Chris Webb, (Yacht Midnight) provided the team with on the water...